How to Simplify Test Data Management:
No Coding Required!


Sending a new product out to market comes with a variety of challenges, but test should not be one of them.

Join Averna's innovation team as they demonstrate a variety of smart software to:

  • Accelerate Product Design
  • Improve Manufacturing

Watch the webinar now and start simplifying your test data, no coding required!




Érik Jetté

Product Line Manager

Érik Jetté is a creative quick thinker and integrates his worldly experience into Averna’s innovation team as product line manager. Working hand in hand on major test undertakings with some of the largest companies in the world, Erik offers a broad experience in manufacturing, electrical engineering, computer science and test system architecture. Today, he applies this experience towards ensuring Averna’s products are geared to what test engineers and product developers really need.


Matt Jecz

Director of Innovation

With nearly 20 years of design, execution and support in the test and measurement world, Matt Jecz is a natural leader for Averna’s innovation team. By combining his technical expertise, business acumen and listening skills, Matt and his team continue to develop the best products for their customers and help them solve their daily test challenges. Matt is not only experienced as a certified LabVIEW and TestStand Instructor, but also uses his love of teaching as a Polish dance coach!

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