Increasing Output and Reducing Costs in
Test and Assembly of Optical Components


In almost all industrial test and assembly processes, precise alignment of individual components is important to ensure the correct functionality of the final product and to improve the yield of the production process.

With increasing miniaturization on the one hand and increasing complexity and functionality of products on the other, the demand for precision is growing. This is especially the case for optical modules, elements and components that must be aligned exactly to achieve rated performance. Active alignment is an essential part of the automation solution to address these needs while easily scaling to volume.

But project success does not come from just one thing, it's a combination of several factors. For this reason, PI and Averna held their first joint webinar to review the right hardware, software, and combination of disciplines to create the ideal active alignment solution.

Topics include:

  • Industry trends and process requirements
  • Alignment methods
  • Process design
  • Technology of active alignment and implementation
  • Overall production benefits and ROI



Averna's Kurt Hensen picture

Kurt Hensen

Vice President of Business Development at Averna

Helping customers identify and improve their products and processes with test, measurement and control solutions, Kurt Hensen founded ESI Group in 1998. Since then, he had grown the company into Test & Measurement Solutions, one of the largest quality solution providers in Europe. In 2016, T&M was acquired by Averna where Mr. Hensen continued to work with clients and engineering teams around the world to discover the most innovative solutions in Machine Vision precision.

PI's Scott Jordan picture

Scott Jordan

Photonics Expert and Business Developer at PI (Physik Instrumente)

Scott Jordan has led the development of the photonics business of the globally active PI Group for the past five years. He lives in Silicon Valley and has been with PI for more than 20 years; he was active as director of NanoAutomation technologies and made a decisive contribution to continued technological development of the company. As a physicist with an MBA in Finance/New Ventures, Scott is well known in the community for his passion and engagement.

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