Schneider Electric has revolutionized switchboard sourcing, installation, and maintenance with their new modular offer, FlexSeT.

Through FlexSeT, customers are able to receive their customized UL-listed efficient products in days.

Schneider Electric contacted Averna to help develop a generic end-of-line test cart to ensure each unit meets all quality requirements and bring it to market faster.



Results Overview

Seven separate systems were designed including: I-Line stack, Line-side bus, Load-side bus, Bridge, Instrument compartment, Backfed main, and Plug-on neutralThese test systems allow Schneider Electric’s FlexSeT partners to ship smart industrial UL-listed equipment using off-the-shelf products and reduce customization costs. FlexSeT’s flexible concept to build switchboards with the components they require, for delivery as fast as 72 hours instead of 3 months.  

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