Rethink Electrification:
4 Critical Steps for Better EVSE Performance


Transportation is one of the top sources of emissions in North America and Europe. Governments all over the world are working on a reliable electric vehicle charging infrastructure to support effective change but can only do so much; consumers continue to suffer from range anxiety and concern for convenience.

To limit emissions to the required threshold by 2100, EVSE manufacturers need to deliver maximum uptime and a predictable ecosystem. This can be efficiently achieved through:

  • Reliable asset communication
  • Regenerative equipment
  • Microgrid management
  • Effective protocol simulation

Watch this webinar to learn 4 new ways to safely ensure every unit, from home chargers to ultra-fast chargers, performs exactly as designed.



Daniel Wyatt

Daniel Wyatt

Vice-President of Sales - Eastern and Central USA and Canada

As Vice President of Sales for Eastern USA & Canada at Averna, Daniel Wyatt strives to ensure his customers profit from unrivaled results. Using his background in computer science and engineering, and passion for technology and problem solving, Daniel has become a true advocate of manufacturing innovation. With a focus on efficiency to drive process within every industry, he works closely with his customers and team to optimize the design, production and support stages of any product lifecycle.

Stéphane Desroches

Stéphane Desroches

Customer Solutions Architect

With over 30 years of hands-on test engineering experience in every industry, Stéphane Desroches is an all-around expert in product design and validation. With a shift into Automotive, EV and High-Power DC-RF applications, Stéphane brings knowledge, creative thinking and problem solving to the next level.

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