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The Flavors of DOCSIS 4.0

Do you know your FDD from your FDX? Data Over Cable Service Interface Specifications, much better known as DOCSIS is the technology that is used to communicate and transfer data across RF or coaxial cable....
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DOCSIS 4.0: Swimming Upstream

Improving the DOCSIS protocol based on user-demand. Back in the day, content couldn’t be downloaded fast enough. There were movies, pictures, music…it was all take, take, take. These days, the clear divide...
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Cable and Mobile: Closely Connected

How do 5G and DOCSIS work together in Industry 4.0? Connectivity is defined as the ability to connect and communicate with another computer or computer system. With minicomputers and processors being embedded...
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How DOCSIS Connects All the Dots

As expected, the Internet of Things (IoT) continues to explode. It’s the backbone of progress, bringing countless advantages to the home, workplace, factory, doctor’s office and more and more and more. With...
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Anatomy of a DOCSIS OFDM Channel Based on the OCD Message

Version 3.1 of DOCSIS specifications, an international telecommunications standard for cable TV systems, introduces downstream Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM) channels, which are highly...
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Ensuring DOCSIS 3.1 Network Health: The Benefits of Protocol Analysis

As many organizations begin designing, evaluating or deploying DOCSIS 3.1 equipment, they also have to consider the tools they will need to ensure effective integration and interoperation of that equipment, as...
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