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Better Electronics for the Entire Household

Consumer electronics are getting smaller and more complex, achieving more with every touch. Test equipment should be equally smart and effective combining all tests into a compact solution. Is your current...
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A Virtual Road in an Augmented Time

The Gift of Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality The stars seemed to have aligned to make now the right time to really dig in to virtual, augmented, or mixed reality. It is a wild time, and nothing seems...
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Why are FPGAs Perfect for Virtual Reality Applications?

FPGAs are beloved. They have offered astonishingly effective solutions for very complex test scenarios. This is courtesy of their flexibility, their lower cost, and their incredible parallelism. These...
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How do Actuators Work and Why do we Need Them?

You may not realize it, but you come into contact with an actuator every single day. An actuator is a mechanical or electro-mechanical component of a system that controls the movement of an instrument.
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Cable and Mobile: Closely Connected

How do 5G and DOCSIS work together in Industry 4.0? Connectivity is defined as the ability to connect and communicate with another computer or computer system. With minicomputers and processors being...
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The Slow Rise of the Machines

How Far Has Artificial Intelligence Come and Where Can we Take it? Fun fact - the concept of artificial intelligence (AI) was first introduced in 1955, the same year Marty McFly travelled back to. While...
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Travelling the World, Without Getting Your Signals Crossed

What fits in your pocket, is used minimum once a week, and is at the mercy of much greater forces than any individual? It’s an incredible tool that we have become extremely dependent on. At this very...
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Top 10 Reasons Consumer Device Makers Deserve a bit of Slack

Have you ever forgotten to put on your smartwatch, or misplaced your tablet? Have you ever broken your headphones or the most horrifying of all…dropped your phone in the toilet? I’m not trying to scare...
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