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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle = Regenerate

♻️♻️♻️ More industries like automotive and EV, energy production, industrial applications and others are switching to greener pastures. Whatever the motivation, be it a government imposition, a financial...
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EV Battery Testing: Living Dangerously

How to test EV batteries safely and efficiently. Did you know that when it comes to EV battery manufacturing, there are about 100 different opportunities for something to blow up? When working with such a...
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Electrification: Reuse for Sustainability

How Does EV Manufacturing Benefit from Hardware Reuse? With automotive manufacturers committing to end the manufacturing of internal combustion engines by 2030, change is happening fast. There is no time to...
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Better EV Motors – The Secret Sauce

How to Test Electric Vehicle Motors To properly validate EV motor performance of every manufactured motor on the line, the following must be considered:
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Flexibility Delivers Results for Electric Vehicle Testing

With the demand for EV growing exponentially and the technology improving just as quickly, the benefits of reuse show themselves in the most unlikely of places. Quality is what sets a brand apart, but...
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Powering the Battery Market

Can we meet the new demand? There is a whole lot of reliance on batteries these days and so much more coming. Consider every single portable device that is available. Next consider how many automotive...
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e-Mobility Keeps on Growing

Honk if you Love the Electric Bus Electric buses are coming in hot for a world of reasons, and they are all good. Cities are making major investments in them with the help of government initiatives. With...
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