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Why are FPGAs Perfect for Virtual Reality Applications?

FPGAs are beloved. They have offered astonishingly effective solutions for very complex test scenarios. This is courtesy of their flexibility, their lower cost, and their incredible parallelism. These...
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What can FPGA do for Me: Machine Vision Edition.

The intricacies and high speeds of Machine Vision require great power. But as we know, with great power comes great responsibility.
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How can Design Patterns Solve all your Problems?

In the world of software programming, it isn’t unusual to face the same issues over and over. It is also not uncommon that these issues present themselves once the code is already out there. This can be...
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LVFPGA: The Optimized Reset

FPGA's are powerful tools in most every high-tech industry, including test and measurement. In the last decade, the presence of application specific FPGA code in testing applications as gone from rare to...
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First Pass Unit Testing of DSP Algorithms, the Candy Stripe Approach

I love math. There is such a beauty in the non-subjective way that there can be only 1 right answer. I'm enjoying teaching my children that there are many ways to tackle a problem and all result in the same...
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Creating Modular LVFPGA Code

This post will attempt to cover many key aspects of creating modular LVFPGA code. This can be a very lengthy topic. Instead of trying to create a single all-inclusive post, this one will cover some high level...
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