5 Questions to Ask Before Starting a Build-to-Print Relationship

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The notion of “To do something right, you need to do it yourself” is very much a concept of the past. There is one thing all of today’s innovation leaders have in common, whether dealing in business, technology or any other industry. The recipe for achievement is to surround yourself with the right people. Success is found when everybody is doing what they are best at and bringing it all together.

The idea of outsourcing something to another company can be met with anxiety. The truth is, the opposite should be true. Imagine yourself letting go of a massive task that you may not be properly equipped to do, allowing you to focus on where you are the most beneficial. Imagine further that it is being given to someone who has everything they need to do the job perfectly, with years of experience behind them.

This is the beauty of build-to-print. Build-to-Print manufacturing services are a flexible and precise way to outsource your mass-manufacturing needs to company that specializes in assembly. They take the design you provide and build it exactly to spec, using their in-house tools and years of experience in building, adjusting, shaping and welding.

By choosing the right manufacturing partner you are gaining an army of specialists trained to execute exactly what you are targeting using a map you have already approved. How can you select the manufacturing partner that is right for you? By asking these 5 simple questions, you can let go of your anxiety and enter this alliance with confidence.

1. Is the facility equipped with the machinery you need?

Right? Even if the world’s greatest assembler is onsite 24 hours a day, there’s only so much he/she can do without a screwdriver. When speaking with companies, ask about the facilities. Do they have the room to accommodate what you need to accomplish? Will you be expected to provide any equipment? Does the location adhere to the standards your company requires? Don’t be shy, go check it out! Visit the factory on your own and see for yourself if they will be able to get the job done.

2. Do they have experience in the field you are in?

While they may be guns for hire, they are also incredible resources. Having specialised in assembly & replication, they have been exposed to plenty of different options. They may recognize a road bump that you have not been exposed to. This is a gift, use it! By trusting them, they may provide insight that had been overlooked in the design phase of your project. Better yet, by working with a partner that was involved in the initial design of your project it gives them a head start towards the end-goal. In the event design changes need to be made, it is likely that they will be able to support and implement them on the spot.

With that in mind, it is always a good idea to communicate the areas where you are flexible. If there is anything within your design that isn’t set in stone, let the team know. They may have a suggestion for an alternative that can either improve quality or reduce costs.

3. Do they have engineers onsite?

By having hardware, software and/or mechanical engineers overseeing your design and product, you are given a fresh set of eyes to recognize any potential red flags in the long-term. It’s no secret that by building a better product, you’re building a better business. The cost of repairs goes down while the reputation of the company goes up. Having an engineer handy during assembly may be the secret to improving product quality overall.

4. Can they meet your schedule?

What all manufacturing partners want is repeat business, one job will only take them so far. Be upfront with your requirements and when you need them delivered. The right company will review your design as well as their availability and the suppliers involved for the required material. To let you down is detrimental to their business and they will be upfront on when they can deliver. With a trusted build-to-print partner you know that you can schedule your business according to the plan that is outlined.

5. Will this save you money?

In addition to all the long-run cost savings you will likely encounter through an experienced assembly division, will this process save you money on the spot? A flexible partner will work with you to keep costs as low as possible for repeatability. The manufacturing space is already paid for and ready to go. They can compare if it’s less expensive to source the required material on your behalf or to have it provided. They will understand any import/export costs (or headaches) ahead of time if they are global suppliers. Employee training will be unnecessary, and liability removed as they come with an established team with built-in experience dedicated to your project.

If these benefits are already in place, it is very possible that outsourcing assembly is not for you. With that in mind, if any of the above points still need to be implemented in-house, comparing the two options is a healthy exercise to go through. The truth is that there are many hidden costs to keeping a project internal if your facility is not properly equipped to manage it. There are the obvious set-up costs of course, but always keep in mind that there are employee costs, ramp-up costs and most importantly, the after-effects if the job wasn’t executed properly. By offloading the stress on to a team waiting to do the work for you, the additional payoffs of build-to-print may surprise you.

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