How ADAS and Infotainment are Changing the Rules

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Infotainment is already the ultimate gateway to conveniences drivers did not know they needed. What is going to happen as advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) continue to grow and become more mainstream? Once the fully autonomous car hits the road, are we looking at a mobile living room? Thanks to the connectivity of advanced 5G, and by removing the distraction of you know, driving, anything goes. From practical safety features to incredibly cool ways to spend your time, infotainment is exploding.

What are people talking about now? Augmented, Virtual, or Mixed Reality (AR/VR/MR) are big ones. This is likely to change the face of navigation at the very least. Imagine becoming Tom Cruise in Minority Report to get to where you’re going. MR maps will take the best of AR and VR and deliver 3D mock-ups of a route including weather & traffic conditions and immerse the user into the experience. It will also become a huge opportunity for any retailer along the map. This is the dream advertising opportunity for being in the right place, at the right time.

And what if the driver didn’t even have to get out of the car? There will be no reason to limit online shopping to a desktop or phone. The smarter the car gets, why treat it differently than any other smart weapon? In-vehicle payments are already being set up for newer infotainment systems. This can be used for immediate conveniences like paying for parking or a drive-through order from the cockpit to ordering groceries while on the way to the store. Through voice-activation, this convenience is right around the corner.

But really, it’s not all business. As automotive technology keeps climbing the levels of autonomy, the driver will have nothing but free time and a really cool entertainment center! With the car taking care of the driving why not take advantage of HD movie streaming or high-speed gaming? Apps are already in the works to connect directly with other cars for these purposes. Why not make the drive to work a lot less mundane?

It simply goes to show, when it comes to automotive, if it can be thought, it can be done. Regardless of the state of the world, the industry only keeps growing. Within the next 7 years, the infotainment market is expected to exceed 54 billion dollars. With all the possibilities currently being launched or under development, what will be key for any manufacturer is to focus on flexibility. The industry is moving too quickly to invest in one test basket. By focusing on a modular test platform like the all-in-one AST-1000 the cost of test can remain low while not having to re-invent the wheel. Particularly when we are on the verge of the flying car.

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