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Knowing is more than half the battle

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Given the choice, would you prefer to control something or deal with something? Yes, it’s a rhetorical question, but an important one. By controlling manufacturing, you control results. Honestly, it’s that simple. Today, the issue is no longer “we had no way of knowing”. The bigger issue has become, there is so much data, where do we begin?

How Far can Data Consolidation Take You?

It’s a fair point, so let’s start in a safe space…Netflix. With thousands of titles to choose from, how is it that many of their 130 million worldwide subscribers are watching the same thing? The main reason is simple. Once a user logs in, the choice can become overwhelming. There are thousands of titles right there but to get to them it takes time to browse, unless they know exactly what they are looking for. The other option is to simply check out what Netflix is recommending, and 9 times out of 10, it’s a new Netflix original.

Next, Netflix uses this data. Once the user is done binging their new favorite show, their algorithms tell the watcher what they should put on next. By consolidating their viewing history and watching the customers’ patterns, Netflix is generally right. This is how they have managed to stay ahead of the competition and how they put blockbuster out of business. By managing and leveraging their digital thread, Netflix remains the #1 streaming service, with a strong lead.

How Does this Apply to Manufacturing?

This should apply to every business model out there. It’s a concrete example of the incredible power of data, once a company takes control of it. Tracking patterns doesn’t have to be limited to the customer. That information will tell you what they want. By tracking the patterns of manufacturing and test assets, the same valuable data is telling you what will be delivered. This is what will have the greater impact on your business.

If production is already semi or fully automated, the information is likely already there. But as with Netflix, if there is too much data it can become overwhelming and time consuming to dig into. Will it be worth it? Yes!

Protect your Brand and Improve Product Quality

Stop sending bad product out to the field. Make the most out of your assets and let them tell you what is happening on the production floor. There is never a time for recalls and uncomfortable press releases. Stay ahead of your product and catch a flaw before it leaves the floor.

Save Lots of Time and Lots of Money

By arming your assets with the right data management tools, you can ensure they are running the correct software, and have all pertinent information summarized for you. Easily track what is happening on the production floor either locally, or globally. By having this data in front of you it’s easy to avoid wasting time (and salaries) digging for information, searching for patterns, chasing paper trails and managing errors.

Make Proactive Decisions

Track both products and assets. By analyzing patterns of your products, you are given first-hand knowledge of what is going out to the field. By tracking asset patterns, you will see trends on how your floor is performing. If results suddenly start shifting a certain way, it is likely a consequence of a change within the assembly line, not the assembly itself. This can be easily followed up, knowing where your results are coming from; you are given the visibility to schedule proactive maintenance, avoiding bigger problems down the road.

Knowledge truly is power, but the knowledge of what to do with that information is the most powerful of all. Data consolidation tools offering all the benefits listed above are already available and can be easily integrated into your current manufacturing setup. To really invest in improving manufacturing, the strongest foundation is built with data. By working with the right data, that will be the blueprint of where to go next.

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