Thriving in the Fast Lane


The Fourth Industrial Revolution (Industry 4.0) has arrived and it has brought both great financial potential and great challenges for manufacturers. It has precipitated the merger of traditional manufacturing and the current technological market, shrunk the gap between IT and OT, and introduced new factors like the Internet of Things and Digital Twins to the marketplace. These changes have come about rapidly, forcing manufacturers to either adapt or fall behind.

But in order to keep up, manufactures must have a firm understanding of the technological revolution taking place. Concepts like the Smart Factory for instance, which refers to the evolution of traditional automation to fully connected systems, promises substantial benefits for manufacturers who successfully incorporate these new processes, but disadvantages those who do not.

Averna fully understands that in this new industrial revolution, products are more sophisticated and interconnected, and in order for them to work well and work well together requires equally sophisticated testing processes. Rather than attempt to be all-in-one shops, manufactures must embrace the concept of partnering with companies who can deliver superior testing services, which will benefit their bottom line and deliver greater ROI.

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